QQ Kopitiam

QQ Kopitiam in Plaza Indonesia has been one of my favorite place to have lunch, a quick getaway for office hour break time. The place was cozy and a great place to chit-chat and hang out with your friends. The place seems always packed with visitors, maybe because the price was quite reasonable considering it is located in a high end mall. QQ Kopitiam serves peranakan food, from main course, snack, and beverages.

QQ 4

One night, I and Mr.D visited their newly opened branch at Pacific Place. We’ve ordered:

Nasi Goreng Ayam (32k) with extra egg on the side (5k) – A fried rice with shredded chicken, tasted good.

QQ 1

Nasi Perang (9k) – Small portion of steamed rice, accompanied with shredded spicy chicken, green bean sautee, and some traditional chips. Eating nasi perang it’s the right choice for those who does not feel that hungry. Sorry forgot to take a picture ;p

Pisang Goreng with Kaya (15k) – This lite bite was the highlight of the day. Sweet ripe bananas covered with flour and bread crumbs, then deep fried till it’s golden …. delicious!!!! Dip it in the kaya spread that comes with the dish, tasted heaven. I really like it.

QQ 2

Teh Manis Peng (8k) and Lemon Tea Peng (12k) – They served the beverages in cute jar glasses, interesting.

QQ 3

Please keep in mind that to some, the food’s portion is quite small. Some may find that one plate is not enough.

My friend said that the Jus Kedondong (ambarella juice) is a must try beverages at QQ Kopitiam. Its sourness taste could made your tongue sting a bit ;p

QQ Kopitiam
Pacific Place

4th floor, Pacific Bay

Jl.Jend.Sudirman Kav.52-53



Shiok Restaurant

As usual, after picking up our daughter from school,  we’re planning to have lunch first before heading back home. We choose Shiok restaurant, since it has been a long time since our last visit. Shiok restaurant is located at the 2nd floor PIM 1, near the cineplex.

Shiok was famous for their hainanese chicken rice, so I order that for me, while papap order their Shiok special fried rice. In addition, we also ordered fried wonton for the appetizer. The taste of their hainanese chicken rice is as good as I last remembered. The rice was so delicious and tasty…. The chicken was also juicy, complete with the chicken broth, condiments and sauces. It was value for money indeed. I could not say less about their fried rice, the rice was well cooked with the right amount of spices….with a sunny side egg on top of it, just perfect !!!

Overall, it’s worth the visit…

Shiok 1

Shiok 2

Shiok 3

Over Rice

As stated on their website, Over Rice is a lifestyle restaurant concept serving delicious delicacies from South East Asia influenced by Chinese heritage. I’ve been to two of their outlet, the ones in Citos and Pacific Place. The one in Citos is actually their first outlet in Jakarta. Their Chinese cuisines are inspired from Cantonese and Cze Chuan, while their Thai cuisines are inspired from the southern part of Thailand.

At Over Rice, we have the choice of having an Over Rice, Over Noodle, or Ala Carte serving when we order our food. My hubby and I decided to take individual order since we were craving for different menus at that time.

For appetizer, we ordered Tahu Goreng Ala Thai / Deep Fried Tofu Thai Style (15,8k). To be honest, from all of the food we ordered, this cuisine is the one we liked the most. Smooth fried tofu coated with crispy batter served with XO sauce, thumbs up.

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Merica Asian Food Restaurant

Pikiran pertama yang terlintas saat membaca nama restoran ini adalah pasti makanannya pedes-pedes lada. Hmmm….intriguing. Tanpa terasa kaki sudah otomatis melangkah masuk ke dalam restoran Merica yang terletak di food court basement Sarinah Thamrin. Namun setelah membaca pilihan menunya, asumsi awal gw ternyata salah karena dia ga menawarkan menu yang pedes2 lada. Menu yang disajikan berupa makanan dari berbagai negara seperti Jepang, Thailand, Singapore, China, Eropa, dan juga Indonesia.  Harga makanannya pun terjangkau berkisar antara Rp 20.000 – Rp 50.000,-

Gw dan hubby pun memesan Singapore Hainam Chicken Rice (39k) dan Chicken Katsudon (28k). Untuk minumnya, kita pesen Ice Blackcurrant Tea (10k) dan Strawberry Yoghurt (18k). Sembari menunggu pesanan datang, kami disuguhkan semangkuk popcorn gratis, lumanjreeng buat iseng-iseng !!! Ga berapa lama, pesanannya datang diikuti oleh aroma masakan yang makin bikin nambah laper. Dari tampilannya sih makanannya terlihat oke yak…mudah-mudahan se-oke rasanya.

Untuk Katsudon pesenannya hubby sih not bad rasanya….satu pesenan Chicken Katsudon didampingi dengan semangkuk miso soup.  Nasinya pulen, ayamnya crispy, dan saus soya manisnya juga enak. Nah sayangnya Hainam Rice menurut gw aga kurang rasanya. Nasinya cenderung aga keras, ayamnya terasa seperti kurang bumbu, trus porsi ayamnya juga sedikit, huhuhu,mengecewakan L Untuk minumannya sih kita ga ada complain, rasanya oke lah. Kapok dateng kesini? Ya enggalah, namanya juga nyobain…lain kali masih bisa nyobain menu mereka yang lain.

Merica Asian Food Restaurant.

Sarinah Thamrin Building Lt. Basement No. 8.

Jl. MH Thamrin No 11. Jakarta,