Mr.D’s Birthday Dinner at Portico

So what’s the occasion? It’s Mr. D’s birthday…yeaay….another celebration dinner, me likey. I’ve prepared my tummy since morning for this birthday feast, hahahaha.

Portico is a restaurant and bar specializing in Italian cuisine. Portico is located in ground floor of Senayan City with terrace style setting and open view. The restaurant used transparent looking glass for the walls so I could only imagine how hot it would be in the daytime, geez. Luckily, we went to Portico for dinner, so the atmosphere was nicer, more intimate and romantic. Plus since it’s holiday season, we could enjoy all the lights decoration that was sprung along the street of Asia Africa. Besides Italian cuisines, Portico also served several Asian menus such as Oxtail soup and etc.

Portico 1

Portico 2

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Pizza e Birra

To satisfy our curiosity about Pizza e Birra, hubby and I pay a visit to this restaurant in Plaza Indonesia for our 5th anniversary back in December 2012.  A month later, I’ve visit this joints with my girlfriends from work. The place is owned by the Ismaya Group, the same group that owns Blowfish, Sushi Groove, Pasta de Waraku, etc. I like the way the place was designed, it kind of resembles like a rustic old abandoned garage, as the walls decorated with windows shut with wooden cross. But don’t know why, the ambiance it gives felt warm and raised sense of kinship. Plus, if you’ve managed to get table next to the window then you’ll be spoiled with a beautiful view of Jakarta’s concrete jungle in Thamrin Street. They also have live music performance every Friday and Saturday, the more reason to come here right?!

Pizza e Birra 1

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Afternoon Delish at Gelato Bar

That afternoon at Dharmawangsa Square, after strolling around the stores and boutiques inside the mall, we decided to rest and relax at Gelato Bar while munching some sort of delicious desserts. Gelato Bar is a traditional Italian ice cream parlor which serves a wide selection of Gelati aka Italian ice creams and desserts. Gelato Bar was established in 2003 and has become a pioneer restaurant that specialized in Italian gelato and desserts. Gelato Bar used only the finest ingredients sourced from all over the world.

Gelato Bar 1

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Great Time at Signora Pasta

Signora Pasta has long been the talk of Italian cuisine lovers in Jakarta. Although the restaurant located not far from my home, but my husband and I just had time to visit the restaurant in early January this year. Signora Pasta is owned and run by a traditional Italian family, the restaurant itself is not really big though it was two story high. However the place feels warm, cozy, and homey with Italian themed decors hanging on the wall. The menu offered was quite simple, but it still ranging from antipasti, pasta, pizza, and dessert.

Signora Pasta 1

Signora Pasta 2

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Getting Cozy at Pesto Autentico

Yeay…it’s time for my hubby and I routine dinner date this weekend. For this week, we chose an Italian restaurant called Pesto Autentico. The restaurant is located at ANZ square building, one of Jakarta’s high-rise building in central Jakarta. The dining area resembles an industrial area. The restaurant designed elegantly and dominated by wood panel and industrial metal racks. The dimly lit area offers a warm and cozy atmosphere, endorsing our romantic dinner that night. On one side of the dining area lies an open kitchen decorated with bottles of olive oils and blackboards hanging onto the top showing their specialty menus written on them.

Pesto 1

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Delicioso Gelato – Bali

After strolling and a bit of shopping along the Seminyak road, we stopped by at an ice cream parlor in the parking complex where we’ve parked our car. The parlor called Delicioso Gelato. The array of ice cream in the display case in front of the café looks very tempting and inviting. They claimed that the gelato is made fresh nearly every day and there are no preservatives added. Well… I hoped it really taste as good as they said it would be.

We’ve ordered two scoops of ice cream separately in a single cup…strawberry sorbet (15k) and creamy mango gelato (15k). My my my….. the rich and creamy texture is to die for. You can really taste the fresh and natural ingredients they have used to make the gelato, nice. My daughter likes it so much.

Apart from the ice cream, we also ordered  1 piece of chocolate chip cookies (6k) for my daughter. I’ve tasted a bit and it taste good, quite crunchy. They also serve breakfast meals, sandwiches & salads, Panini, delicious cakes & pastries, freshly baked bread, freh juices & smoothies, and tea & coffees.

Since they provide a free wi-fi, so we can enjoy our meals while browsing through the internet planning for our next itinerary.

Komplek Bintang Supermarket
Jl. Raya Seminyak No. 17, Seminyak – Kuta 80361, Bali
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday, 7.30 am – 9.30 pm