Val’s dinner at JJ Royal Bistro

I and Mr.D don’t celebrate Valentine’s day…but it’s fun to see how the stores, restaurant, and all of the surrounding dressed up for the occasion. So Mr.D asked me to go for a dinner after office hours that Friday, and off we went to Senayan City. We chose to have our dinner at JJ Royal Bistro, which has been known as one of the hip restaurant to go to right now.

JJ Royal bistro is an elegant restaurant and bar that managed by Foodie Habit Group, the same group that produce Gulaku and JJ Royal coffee. JJ Royal Bistro is located at the ground floor of Senayan City. JJ Royal was decorated with distinctive eclectic manga inspired interior design, colorful walls, chairs, and lights. Not to mention there’s a lot of paintings of a Chinese girl. Here at JJ Royal we can choose from a variety of delicious traditional Indonesian dishes as well as Western dishes.

Since this is our first visit, we don’t want to order too many foods considering we still kinda blind with the portion size. So straight to the main course… Continue reading


Fish and Co Seafood Shack

This review is a bit long overdue…I’ll try to jot it down while I still can remember. Anyway, one friday evening I and several colleagues went to Fish & Co Seafood Shack located in Grand Indonesia west wing. The place was not that big, a bit cramped if I must say, but luckily that day turnout to be less crowded.  The restaurant is decorated like a seaside restaurant.

There are lots of fish and chip varieties in the menu, ranging from the original fish and chips to peri-peri sauce fish and chips. The fish and chips itself served in a pan, kinda unique presentation huh?! Anyway, that evening I opted for their combo menu which is Seafood Shack Combo (65k) – Soup of the day, Fish & Chips (choose from 4 varieties), and Ice Tea/Blackcurrant Tea.

The soup of the day was mushroom soup. It tasted ok, creamy and savoury.

Fish & Co Express 1

However, I felt a bit dissapointed with my fish and chips. I opted for Peri-peri sauce fish and chips, in my vision the sauce would tasted spicy and sour just like the grilled chicken Peri-peri in Nando’s. But it turns out different that I would’ve expected. The peri-peri was absolutely different, it resembles more like your mother’s homemade ‘sambal’. It didn’t taste like peri-peri sauce to me, not even close. Luckily, the tastiness of the fried fish fillet itself managed to overcome the drawbacks. Oh and by the way, the fish cutlet sold here was smaller than the ones in Fish & Co, but it was a much more suitable portion for me.

Fish & Co Express 2

All in all it was a great experience. I just have to remember that next time stick to ordering original fish and chips.

Fish and Co Seafood Shack

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town – West Mall

LG #17-17A

Ph.021 – 23581902


Yeyo Lobby & Eatery

Still in the occasion of Mr.D’s birthday, we continued our journey that night to find desserts to satisfy our taste buds. To be honest, we planned to visit Colette & Lola for the desserts, however the cakes has run out so we ended up in Yeyo instead. But it’s not a misfortune, we didn’t regret it all.

Yeyo is a two storey eatery with diners on the lower level and lounge on the upper level. Yeyo brings out chic tropical vintage on their decoration. Slanted glass façade at the front of the building has stolen our attention as we stepped into the restaurant. Wooden furniture combined with rattan chairs, flowery decals on sofas cushion, pictures of celebrity in the 50s, and several mini palm trees that was put in every corner really brings out the tropical vintage ambience. However, just a slight negative from me is regarding their smoking policy. Yeyo don’t separate between smoking and non smoking area… so it’s really annoying for me to have someone smoking sits next to me.

Yeyo 1

Yeyo 2

Yeyo 3

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Anniversary dinner at Hard Rock Cafe

On 21st Dec 2013, I and Mr.D celebrated our 7th years of marriage. As usual, we planned to go for dinner and movie to commemorate the occasion. Mr.D took me to Hard Rock Café for our anniversary dinner.

Hard Rock Café just relocated from its previous location in Plaza Indonesia to Pacific Place mall. The place looks fancier than before, cooler vibe spread all over the place. The cafe was fully decorated with Rock and Roll memorabilia and the Rock store gift shop is available for the fans at the front of the café (if you access the Café from outside the mall). The cafes served typical Western and Mexican food, and also some of Asian and Indonesian dishes.



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Ismaya Catering Co. Cafe & Gallery

Ismaya Catering Co. Café & Gallery is a new diner managed by Ismaya group, which located on 5th floor in Grand Indonesia West Mall. The café features an open kitchen concept with cozy casual ambience suitable for hangout with friends or spouse. The café serves a limited choice of Asian and Western cuisine. That particular night we opted for Hainan chicken rice (50k), classic beef hot dog with grilled onions (45k), Iced tea (18k), and Iced Lemon Tea (20k). At first, Mr. D opted for their cheese pizza layer but they said the dough is not ready yet, it’s about a half hour wait. Dissapointing…but moving on then.

Ismaya 1

The Hainan chicken rice was good, I specially loved the oil & herbs condiments and the soup that goes along with the chicken rice, smelled so fragrant. The soup was delicious, tasted so rich. The chicken was well seasoned and the rice itself was savoury.

Ismaya 2

The beef hot dog also tasted great. The grilled onions on top really enriched the taste of the hotdog. Unfortunately, they served some sort of cassava chips for the side, as Mr.D expected fries like any regular hotdog would do.

Ismaya 3

The drinks….

Ismaya 4

Overall the food’s here is okay. We really love the ambience thus we wouldn’t mind come back for another casual dining with friends or families.

Ismaya Catering Cafe 
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall 5th floor unit ED2 – 12A
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1
Ph. +6221 23581157

Republic of Burgers

If you’re looking for a tasty burger to eat yet affordable, then you have to try Republic of Burgers (RoB). RoB is a burger joint located in Cipete, south of Jakarta. The venue was not that big, yet felt cozy and warm. The interior decoration dominated with pictures of NYC, made me guessing maybe that’s where they’ve found their burger inspirations.

RoB 1

That night, I and Mr.D ordered:

American Cowboy BBQ (39,5k) – fresh natural 150gr Australian wagyu premium beef grilled patty seasoned with special homemade barbeque sauce with crispy sliced bacon, melted cheddar cheese, and organic vegetables.

This burger tasted great, I love the barbeque sauce, very tasty. The beef patty was juicy and cooked all the way through despite its thickness.

RoB 2

Classic Cheeseburger (32k) – fresh natural 150gr Australian wagyu premium beef grilled patty topped with delicious smoked melted cheese and organic lettuce, sautéed onion, and fresh Dijon mustards.

Mr.D seems to like this burger, just a bit drawback when he realized that the center of his patty was medium rare. Mr.D likes his meat well done. But overall, the burger tasted good.

RoB 3

Republic of Burgers

Jl. Cipete Raya no.26A

Jakarta Selatan

Dill Gourmet Cafe

Dill Gourmet Café is a Café operated by the Indonesian premium caterer, Culture Royale. Culture Royale is well known to cater upscale customers for their upscale events. Dill Café is located in Plaza Indonesia LG floor, next to the escalator near Fat Burger. The café was not that spacious, but pretty comfortable and perfect go-to spot to grab a cup of coffee and snacks. Dill is decorated with modern casual design, offering warm ambience to customers.

Dill 1

Dill 2

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