Ginkgo Avenue at Garosu-gil

Every trip to Seoul wouldn’t be complete without visiting one of Seoul’s favorite area, Garosu-gil. Garosu-gil literally means “tree-lined street” as ginkgo trees are lining up along the street. Garosu-gil lies at the wealthy neighbourhood of Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu. You may find many fancy cafes, lifestyle boutiques, cosmetic shop, and also several international clothing brands. Most people visit Garosu-gil for cafe-hopping, window shopping, or just simply people watching. You will definitely fall in love with the ambience that Garosu-gil has to offer. The ginkgo trees look best during the autumn season as the leaves of the ginkgo trees turned golden. I failed to witness such beauty since I came during the winter season, all the leaves has fall out.

I’ve managed to visit one of the cafe in Garosu-gil, which is Ginkgo Avenue. The cafe, which was on the 2nd floor, offers a quiet and cozy ambiance with pretty and colorful decoration.

Ginkgo Ave 1

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The Baked Goods

Finally I’ve accomplished to spare my time to come to the cake shop owned by the famous radio broadcaster and master in public speaking, Erwin Parengkuan. The Baked Goods established on the basis of his wife’s expertise, Jana, in making delectable cakes and cookies. All cookies, cakes, and desserts are made using the finest natural ingredients, with no preservatives, no extracts, no food coloring, and less sweet than normal desserts sold elsewhere. The spirit is trying to offer healthy sweet snacks and won’t make you fat at the same time. However, The Baked Goods serves not only sweets, but there are some savories snacks too such as pies, quiches, and pancakes.

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Froyo-ing @ Red Mango

Suatu sore di akhir minggu sambil memberdayakan promo salah satu CC, mamam dan papap bersantap di Red Mango – PIM sambil menyantap Twin Tower Yogurt termasuk 4 toppings. Yogurt yang dipilih adalah rasa Melon dan Blueberry Twist with Vanilla. Sementara topping-nya kita pilih longan, lychee, kiwi, dan peach. Rasanya???? enaaaaakkkkkkkkk……refreshing pastinya. Saat pimbul tersayang sedang bobo dengan pulesnya di stroller, mamam dan papapnya ngaso sambil suap2an frozen yogurt….hihihihihi….