Val’s dinner at JJ Royal Bistro

I and Mr.D don’t celebrate Valentine’s day…but it’s fun to see how the stores, restaurant, and all of the surrounding dressed up for the occasion. So Mr.D asked me to go for a dinner after office hours that Friday, and off we went to Senayan City. We chose to have our dinner at JJ Royal Bistro, which has been known as one of the hip restaurant to go to right now.

JJ Royal bistro is an elegant restaurant and bar that managed by Foodie Habit Group, the same group that produce Gulaku and JJ Royal coffee. JJ Royal Bistro is located at the ground floor of Senayan City. JJ Royal was decorated with distinctive eclectic manga inspired interior design, colorful walls, chairs, and lights. Not to mention there’s a lot of paintings of a Chinese girl. Here at JJ Royal we can choose from a variety of delicious traditional Indonesian dishes as well as Western dishes.

Since this is our first visit, we don’t want to order too many foods considering we still kinda blind with the portion size. So straight to the main course…

Mr. D picked Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger (85k) – deep fried breaded chicken breast, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, mushroom, caramelized onion, mayonnaise, homemade toasted sesame bun, served with pomme frites or side salad. I like how they served the burger. It was plated on a wooden cutting board with the burger placed in the middle, the fries on the left and the other condiments was on the other side. So basically we can choose on our own which condiments we want to put in the burger. How about the taste???? Yummmm…..crispy crunchy and savory chicken, like it a lot!

JJ Royal 2

As for me, I opted for Fettuccine Chicken Broccoli Alfredo (70k) – chicken breast, creamy béchamel sauce, broccoli, fresh basil, and toasted pine nuts. From the appearance, this dish deserves a thumb up, I like it so very much. The fettuccine was cooked until al dente, big chunks of tender chicken breast and broccoli was spread all over the plate, and topped with generous shaved of parmesan cheese. What I like the most is the alfredo sauce, because for me it has the right consistency, not to thick and creamy, perfect to my liking. The toasted pine nuts also add an unique taste to the dish.

JJ Royal 3

For the drinks, I chose Cranberry juice (28k) and Mr.D went for a can of soda, Coca cola (25k).

JJ Royal 1

Overall, we had a great experience dining here. One thing worth notice is their impeccable service. Their prompt response to our request was remarkable considering it was a busy night (it’s Valentine’s day). We will definitely pay them a visit once again to try their desserts as it looks so tempting in the menu.

By the way, Mr.D unexpectedly gave me a lil’ heart shaped chocolate covered with purple lace fabric, such a sweet gesture. Thanks so much dear…

JJ Royal 4

JJ Royal Bistro
Senayan City LG fl. Unit L-06 B1
Jalan Asia Afrika Lot 19
Jakarta Selatan 10270
021 – 2932 9262


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