Yo Panino – Sandwich specialist

While waiting for our movie schedule starts, we’re wander around Plaza Indonesia trying to find a decent place to eat. Passing through Yo Panino and instantly our mind clicked, and decided to grab our dinner there. Yo Panino claimed themself as a sandwich specialist. They serve a fresh baked bread with lots of choice of fillings, toppings, add ons, and saucesomes.

Yo Panino 3

Yo Panino 4

The concept here is pretty much simple…we choose the ingredient for the sandwich and they will craft it for us.

  1. Pick Yo’ Bread –> There are four choices of bread : Turkish Pide (moist & light with toasted sesame seeds), Multigrain (healthy choice of rolled oats, flax, sesame, sunflower seeds), Farmhouse White (artisinally soft with a touch of salt), Brioche (soft & sweet), and Naked (try it as a salad).
  2. Choose Your Panino or Salad –> We choose the sandwich fillings, there are 21 types to choose from such as angry chicken, ultimate BLT, philly cheese steak, etc.
  3. Pick Add Ons –> There are six choices of add ons: fried egg, sliced cheddar, cheese sauce, crispy bacon, smoked ham, and spicy salami.
  4. Choose from Unlimited Toppings –> ranging from standard toppings such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, to fried wontons, crushed tacos, and gherkins. Be strategic and smart in choosing the toppings, don’t try to have everything, it may cause your sandwich into a disaster.
  5. Choose from Unlimited Awesome Saucesomes –> This is the best part!!! Yo Panino has 6 sauce choices which are Yo’Barbie-Q (a homemade hickory smoked oozy barbecue sauce), Yo’Aioli (no kisses after this garlic baby), Yo’Java (fresh roasted peanuts slowly simmered with a unique blend of spiced herbs), Yo’Angry (our angry but no so fierce mayo), Yo’Wasabi (a versatile combination of fresh wasabi and creamy mayonnaise), and Yo’Sesame (a funky blend of shoyu and sesame sauce all bound together with a tad of mayo.This is our Asian-inspired mayonnaise).

Yo Panino also served menu with local taste like Beef Rendang Panino, Java Tempe Salad Panino, and Up The Tempe Panino. That night I opted for Angry Chicken Panino (43k) with Farmhouse white bread and 3 toppings (lettuce, tomato, crushed wontons). It was delicious!!!! Greatly satisfying … the size of the sandwich is perfect, not too big nor too small. The sliced chicken breast was huge, and very savoury, me likey. The crushed wontons gave a crispy crunchy sensation, not your regular experience in eating a sandwich right?! The sauce was not that spicy either, Mr.D still manage to overcome the heat 😀

Yo Panino 1

Mr. D ordered Grilled chicken Panino value combo meal (57k) with Turkish Pide bread, sliced cheddar (add ons), sweet corn for topping. The combo meal was accompanied with regular fries and chilled drink. Mr.D also felt satisfied with his order. The grilled chicken breast was tender and tasty. He said we should be a regular here. Errr…okey?!

Yo Panino 2

As an overall, Yo Panino is a great sandwich place to try. The pricing was a bit on the high end (but definitely worth it), the service was pleasant, the ingredients were fresh and the end product was definitely tasty.

Yo’ Panino
Plaza Indonesia Extension, 4th Floor (Replacing Dante Coffee)
Phone : +62 21 2992 4019

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