Fish and Co Seafood Shack

This review is a bit long overdue…I’ll try to jot it down while I still can remember. Anyway, one friday evening I and several colleagues went to Fish & Co Seafood Shack located in Grand Indonesia west wing. The place was not that big, a bit cramped if I must say, but luckily that day turnout to be less crowded.  The restaurant is decorated like a seaside restaurant.

There are lots of fish and chip varieties in the menu, ranging from the original fish and chips to peri-peri sauce fish and chips. The fish and chips itself served in a pan, kinda unique presentation huh?! Anyway, that evening I opted for their combo menu which is Seafood Shack Combo (65k) – Soup of the day, Fish & Chips (choose from 4 varieties), and Ice Tea/Blackcurrant Tea.

The soup of the day was mushroom soup. It tasted ok, creamy and savoury.

Fish & Co Express 1

However, I felt a bit dissapointed with my fish and chips. I opted for Peri-peri sauce fish and chips, in my vision the sauce would tasted spicy and sour just like the grilled chicken Peri-peri in Nando’s. But it turns out different that I would’ve expected. The peri-peri was absolutely different, it resembles more like your mother’s homemade ‘sambal’. It didn’t taste like peri-peri sauce to me, not even close. Luckily, the tastiness of the fried fish fillet itself managed to overcome the drawbacks. Oh and by the way, the fish cutlet sold here was smaller than the ones in Fish & Co, but it was a much more suitable portion for me.

Fish & Co Express 2

All in all it was a great experience. I just have to remember that next time stick to ordering original fish and chips.

Fish and Co Seafood Shack

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town – West Mall

LG #17-17A

Ph.021 – 23581902



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