Yeyo Lobby & Eatery

Still in the occasion of Mr.D’s birthday, we continued our journey that night to find desserts to satisfy our taste buds. To be honest, we planned to visit Colette & Lola for the desserts, however the cakes has run out so we ended up in Yeyo instead. But it’s not a misfortune, we didn’t regret it all.

Yeyo is a two storey eatery with diners on the lower level and lounge on the upper level. Yeyo brings out chic tropical vintage on their decoration. Slanted glass façade at the front of the building has stolen our attention as we stepped into the restaurant. Wooden furniture combined with rattan chairs, flowery decals on sofas cushion, pictures of celebrity in the 50s, and several mini palm trees that was put in every corner really brings out the tropical vintage ambience. However, just a slight negative from me is regarding their smoking policy. Yeyo don’t separate between smoking and non smoking area… so it’s really annoying for me to have someone smoking sits next to me.

Yeyo 1

Yeyo 2

Yeyo 3

Yeyo only have three choices of dessert to choose from… We opted for Chocolate fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream (60k). This dish is quite similar with warm molten lava chocolate cake, where the chocolate fillings will burst out once we cut the cake into half. The cake was delicious, not too sweet, and just perfect.

Yeyo 4

We’ve also ordered hot Jasmine tea (25k) to accompany the cake …

Yeyo 5

While chatting, Mr.D can’t stop looking at his birthday present … really admiring, since he really really wanted it as long as I can remember. I’m glad you like the present dear…

Yeyo 6

It was a nice visit to Yeyo…the place was nice, comfortable for chit chat with spouse or best friends. Maybe next time we would pay them a visit once again to try on their main course.


Yeyo Lobby & Eatery
Jl. Senopati No. 64
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 7228129


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