Ismaya Catering Co. Cafe & Gallery

Ismaya Catering Co. Café & Gallery is a new diner managed by Ismaya group, which located on 5th floor in Grand Indonesia West Mall. The café features an open kitchen concept with cozy casual ambience suitable for hangout with friends or spouse. The café serves a limited choice of Asian and Western cuisine. That particular night we opted for Hainan chicken rice (50k), classic beef hot dog with grilled onions (45k), Iced tea (18k), and Iced Lemon Tea (20k). At first, Mr. D opted for their cheese pizza layer but they said the dough is not ready yet, it’s about a half hour wait. Dissapointing…but moving on then.

Ismaya 1

The Hainan chicken rice was good, I specially loved the oil & herbs condiments and the soup that goes along with the chicken rice, smelled so fragrant. The soup was delicious, tasted so rich. The chicken was well seasoned and the rice itself was savoury.

Ismaya 2

The beef hot dog also tasted great. The grilled onions on top really enriched the taste of the hotdog. Unfortunately, they served some sort of cassava chips for the side, as Mr.D expected fries like any regular hotdog would do.

Ismaya 3

The drinks….

Ismaya 4

Overall the food’s here is okay. We really love the ambience thus we wouldn’t mind come back for another casual dining with friends or families.

Ismaya Catering Cafe 
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall 5th floor unit ED2 – 12A
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1
Ph. +6221 23581157


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