Tokyo Belly – only a full belly has the answer!

Tokyo Belly is a newly opened modern Japanese bistro which offers new experience of delicious Japanese cuisine. Tokyo Belly restaurant’s interior concept is packed with a twist of traditional Japanese and modern cultural look that were represented from its wall décor options.

Tokyo Belly provides a wide variety of modern Japanese cuisine ranging from ramen, signature sushi rolls, Japanese curry, omurice, hot stone bimbimbap, up to J-Dog. Tokyo Belly provides two alternative choices of soup in its ramen dish which are tonkotsu chicken broth and chige soup. In addition, we can also choose the form of noodles that we will eat: curly or straight (duuohh …. like that will make a difference??!! LoL). One of the unique cuisine in Tokyo Belly is J-Dog, a type of hot dog which comes with a variety of typical Japanese toppings.

Tokyo Belly 1

I went out with three of my girlfriend for our lunch break last friday. We’re celebrating one of my bestfriend’s birthday that day…yeayyy….feast treat, yummm !!!

Here’s our order:

Calamari Tobiko (58k) – fresh squid of Hokkaido, known for its sweetness and chewiness, served with fish roe and tartar dressing. Yummy….

Tokyo Belly 2

Tempura Chige Ramen (62k) – Ramen in spicy chige soup with tempura fried prawn, salmon, marinated boiled eggs, and seasonal vegetables. I like this dish a lot, the spiciness of the soup tasted refreshing. I specially like the eggs, the yolks was cooked to my liking.

Tokyo Belly 3

Sukiyaki Beef Bi-Bim-Bap (63k) – Japanese mixed rice topped with marinated sukiyaki beef with spring egg and vegetables, served in sizzling hot stone bowl. I’ve tasted a bit and it tasted fine, perfectly seasoned.

Tokyo Belly 4

Spaghetti Carbonara (60k) – Al dente cooked spaghetti mix with carbonara sauce and beef bacon, topped with poached egg, yummm! The carbonara sauce taste just right, not too creamy.

Tokyo Belly 5

Jinja Ninja (30k) – Strawberry syrup, raspberry, lemongrass chunks, fresh lemonade, apple berry juice. This is my friend’s order, and it seems my friend has no complaint about it 😀 Sorry no pic, forgot to take a pic ;p

For those of you who likes new experience to hang out with friends and families, Tokyo Belly is a perfect place to chill and relax with good food, good drinks, and good musics.

Tokyo Belly

Grand Indonesia 3A floor, West Mall

Telp: (021) 2358-1090

Twitter: @TokyoBelly

FB: TokyoBelly


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