QQ Kopitiam

QQ Kopitiam in Plaza Indonesia has been one of my favorite place to have lunch, a quick getaway for office hour break time. The place was cozy and a great place to chit-chat and hang out with your friends. The place seems always packed with visitors, maybe because the price was quite reasonable considering it is located in a high end mall. QQ Kopitiam serves peranakan food, from main course, snack, and beverages.

QQ 4

One night, I and Mr.D visited their newly opened branch at Pacific Place. We’ve ordered:

Nasi Goreng Ayam (32k) with extra egg on the side (5k) – A fried rice with shredded chicken, tasted good.

QQ 1

Nasi Perang (9k) – Small portion of steamed rice, accompanied with shredded spicy chicken, green bean sautee, and some traditional chips. Eating nasi perang it’s the right choice for those who does not feel that hungry. Sorry forgot to take a picture ;p

Pisang Goreng with Kaya (15k) – This lite bite was the highlight of the day. Sweet ripe bananas covered with flour and bread crumbs, then deep fried till it’s golden …. delicious!!!! Dip it in the kaya spread that comes with the dish, tasted heaven. I really like it.

QQ 2

Teh Manis Peng (8k) and Lemon Tea Peng (12k) – They served the beverages in cute jar glasses, interesting.

QQ 3

Please keep in mind that to some, the food’s portion is quite small. Some may find that one plate is not enough.

My friend said that the Jus Kedondong (ambarella juice) is a must try beverages at QQ Kopitiam. Its sourness taste could made your tongue sting a bit ;p

QQ Kopitiam
Pacific Place

4th floor, Pacific Bay

Jl.Jend.Sudirman Kav.52-53



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