As usual, our Friday nite consist of dinner and movie (sometimes), I and Mr.D called it Fri-date 😀 We decided to watch Fast & Furious 6 at Blitz Megaplex, Grand Indonesia. Since we still have at least about an hour or so, we want to have dinner first. We chose Ninety-Nine café, located next to Ranch Market at East Mall GI. Ninety-nine is related to Ranch Market, an upscale supermarket that famous for its great quality and selection of products.

The café was designed in a spacious area with lots and lots of outdoor ornaments such as trees, branches, garden chairs, etc so the customers would feel like dining in an outdoor area, instead of inside a mall. However, they also have indoor area and a bar complete with an impressive collection of wines. That night the restaurant was quite packed, many Jakarta’s socialites spotted in every corner of the café.

Ninety nine 1

Ninety-Nine serves a variety of local and western dishes, but bear in mind, the menu offered was quite pricey. So Mr.D and I ordered the menu with high hopes that the meal SHOULD be fantastic and super delicious. We’ve ordered:

Margheritta Pizza (86k) – The thin crust pizza topped with fresh tomato sauce, layers of cheese, and some fresh basil spread on top. From its appearance, I can tell straight away that it’s gonna taste good, and boy was I right 🙂 Mr.D was quite happy with his order.

Ninety nine 4

Triple Layer Chocolate Cake (48k) – The cake was made with layers of moist chocolate sponge, white chocolate mousse, and topped with rich chocolate coating and shavings of white chocolate. The cake was served with vanilla fla. This cake was extremely delicious and to die for. Even Mr.D who never like whipped cream or every cream in any cake, he ended up finishing the cake until the last bite.

Ninety nine 5

Iced Mandarin Soda (38k) – The drink was so refreshing, soda beverage with citrus taste.

Ninety nine 2

Iced Orange (38k) – Another refreshing drinks, they put chunks of mandarin orange and slices of lemon in it.

Ninety nine 3

We will definitely come back to Ninety-nine for their cake… die for!!!!

Ninety-Nine Jakarta
Grand Indonesia East Mall Lower Ground
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1 Jakarta Pusat 10310
Phone: +62 21 2358 1196 (reservation)


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