Eating while Playing at The Playground

On my birthday last March, Mr.D spoiled me with a fancy dinner, movie date, and ofcourse gifts 🙂 That night he brought me to a nice restaurant called The Playground which located at Plaza Indonesia EX 4th floor.

The Playground 2

As the name implicate, The Playground is actually a restaurant that present a playground atmosphere. They tried to wow-ed us with their unique interior and decoration concept. The tables and chair are varied, there are some moving carousel tables, tables with swinging chairs, and also there’s a mini scooter on display at one corner of the restaurant. However, although the name of the restaurant is Playground, for me the ambience of the restaurant did not resembles as a playground since it was quite dark with all the dim lights and no colorful decoration presented.

The Playground 1

I’ve ordered Italian Bomb Burger (90k) and Berry Go Round (40k) for the drink. The size of the burger is quite huge. Stack of juicy beef patty, onion ring, and creamy cheese mushroom croquette wrapped in toasted bun plus coco crunch cereal put on top of the bun as garnish (which is kinda weird). The beef patty is smothered with melted cheese all over it, wooowww….yummy. I really like the croquette though, delicious as the melted cheese tasted very good. On the contrary, I felt disappointed with the drink I’ve ordered, not because of how it taste like, but because of its size. The glass was so incredible small, so not worth it compare to the price. Berry Go Round it’s a smoothies made of strawberry juice, blueberry jam, cranberry juice, fresh milk, and mango syrup, refreshing and not to sweet.

The Playground 3

The Playground 5

While Mr.D ordered Four Cheese Pizza (58k) and Italian Soda (40k) for the drink. The pizza is insanely very thin and the cheese topping tasted odd, kinda a turn off. Mr.D ended up finishing my burger instead. The same disappointment was felt by Mr.D knowing that his drink was also presented in a small tall glass. Hey, it’s not a freakin’ wine, why they have to serve it in small portion??? Again…so not worth it compare to the price. Maybe it’s better if we just ordered their tea since I’ve looked at the other table, the glass size were in normal sizes.

The Playground 4

The Playground 6

However, we won’t say that eating in Playground is a disappointment since we have a really wonderful time, chit chat and cuddling, I felt so spoiled :: Next time, maybe we will come back to try on their dessert.

The Playground 7*me before wearing hijab*

The Playground
Plaza Indonesia Extension 4th floor
Jl. M. H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Central Jakarta


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