Dining at Urban Bistro

Another culinary journey at Kemang Village….this time we tried a new restaurant that just opened in Avenue of the Star, which is Urban Bistro. The restaurant is quite spacious with walls decorated differ to one another. There’s one side decorated similar like brick wall, and there’s one side of wall decorated with artificial grass glued on it. The ambience quite nice for an evening with your spouse or even with your family and friends.

Urban Bistro 1

Urban Bistro 2

Without further ado…that night we’ve ordered:

Onion rings (30k) – Slices of onions coated in bread crumb and deep fried to perfectness until golden. Yummy!!!

Urban Bistro 3

Chicken steak with mushroom sauce (60k) – Grilled breast chicken fillet poured with creamy mushroom sauce and our choice of potato and green veggies on the side. Mr.D chose ring potato for his choice of potato and it turns up quite unique. The potato was thinly sliced, fried, and pinned on a skewer. The mushroom sauce was delicious and a real perfect combination to the succulent grilled chicken breast, delish ….

Urban Bistro 4

Beef ribs in BBQ sauce (95k) – Beef ribs marinated in barbecue sauce and our choice of potato and fresh vegetables on the side, for me I chose grilled baby potato. The size of the ribs were huge, I can’t even finished the meal. The veggies and the baby potato were sautéed with herbs butter, yummy…

Urban Bistro 5Little Princess (40k) – fresh guava, fresh apple, and lychee. Refreshing!!

Ice Lychee Tea (27k) – very satisfied with the size of glass they’ve used: D

Urban Bistro 6

I and Mr.D had a wonderful time dining here, surely will come back another time with the kids 🙂

Urban Bistro

Mal Kemang Village UF fl, unit OD 05

Jl.Pangeran Antasari no.36, Kemang, Jaksel

Ph. 021-29056707


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