Pizza e Birra

To satisfy our curiosity about Pizza e Birra, hubby and I pay a visit to this restaurant in Plaza Indonesia for our 5th anniversary back in December 2012.  A month later, I’ve visit this joints with my girlfriends from work. The place is owned by the Ismaya Group, the same group that owns Blowfish, Sushi Groove, Pasta de Waraku, etc. I like the way the place was designed, it kind of resembles like a rustic old abandoned garage, as the walls decorated with windows shut with wooden cross. But don’t know why, the ambiance it gives felt warm and raised sense of kinship. Plus, if you’ve managed to get table next to the window then you’ll be spoiled with a beautiful view of Jakarta’s concrete jungle in Thamrin Street. They also have live music performance every Friday and Saturday, the more reason to come here right?!

Pizza e Birra 1

The menu offered extensive range of soups, antipasti, pizza, pasta, calzones, some steaks, and desserts. The drinks were also varied from non-alcohol to alcohol. In my two visits here, we’ve ordered:

Portuguese Chicken Wings, regular cone (45k) – Crispy chicken wings Portuguese style. These chicken wings is highly recommended, crispy and tasty, loved the sauce very much too.

Pizza e Birra 2

French fries chili con carne, classic original (45k) – Simply delicious affair of French fries in spicy Mexican beef and beans, topped with melted cheddar cheese. A very nice and tasty dish, it was indeed delicious. The tex-mex beef and beans were thick and the proper taste of sourness from the tomato. The melted cheese completed the flavor.

Pizza e Birra 3

Calzones Carbonara Dreams (65k) – Another classic favorite served with turkey bacon in egg creamy sauce. We loved it, no complaints here.

Pizza e Birra 4

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Turkish Meatballs (60k) – It didn’t taste like the Aglio Olio I’ve ever tasted before, this dish also incorporated tomato sauce into the mix sauce, not just some cuts of birds eye chilli and olive oil. This dish does not work for me at all.

Pizza e Birra 5

Baked Rigatoni with beef and parmesan mozzarella cheese (65k) – Very rich and creamy sauce, makes your tummy full in an instant.

Pizza e Birra 6

New York Cheese cake, regular (39k) – New York cheese cake with a twist, yeahh cheese cake in a form of pizza. Kind of weird but tastes pretty nice. However, eating another carbo (pizza bread) as a dessert just felt to full for my tummy.

Pizza e Birra 7

Pizza e Birra Plaza Indonesia
Lantai 5, Unit E 22
Jl. MH Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat


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