Moved by a profound curiosity every time I saw the signage of Bistronomy restaurant along the road of Jl.Kertanegara …. Finally on Wednesday, my husband and I agreed to have dinner at Bistronomy. Bistronomy is one unique bistro located in Jl.Ciniru that has a French bistro nuance; it serves international fine dining dishes. The atmosphere of the restaurant is quite homey with chic and vintage décor. The outdoor area was comfortable enough with green garden that soothes the sore eyes. Feminine elements were translated in the selection of decorations, ornaments, and wall paintings. With an elegant private dining concept, Bistronomy is becoming a new hip place that is perfect for all purposes, like a private party or corporate gathering.

Bistronomy 5

Bistronomy 6

That night I ordered Spaghetti Marinara (80k) and Mango Smoothies (30k), while hubby ordered Wagyu Cheese Burger (95k) and Lemon Squash (25k). It took quite a while for the dishes to be served, but it’s alright though since it gives me and hubby more time to chit chat. Plus they offered free complimentary of breads and butter. I like the butter very much, it has the distinguish taste on it; it may have been blended with some kind of herbs.

Spaghetti Marinara – Spaghetti cooked al dente blended with fresh tomato paste and oregano, completed with couples of prawn on the side.

Bistronomy 1

Wagyu Cheese Burger – A wagyu beef patty smothered with orange cheddar, wrapped in soft burger buns with a tasty spread of mayo, sliced of fresh onion, tomato, and pickle. It was served with a side of fresh salad, grilled potato and sweet potato. The portion was large enough to fill up my husband’s tummy 😀

Bistronomy 2

Mango Smoothie – The mango smoothies was super fresh, the ice were very smooth and not to sweet. Highly recommended!!!

Bistronomy 3

Lemon Squash – Fresh lemon mixed with light soda, refreshing!

Bistronomy 4

Bistronomy also offering a set menu for afternoon tea, lunch, and dinner, just kindly ask the waiter for their special menu.

Jl. Ciniru 1 No. 2
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan
Ph: 021-739-6655


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