Getting busy at Beezy Kaffee

Beezy Kaffee, another new place to relax and hang-out in South Jakarta area that is worth a visit. Located on the 2nd floor of Wisma Emha Jl. Wijaya I No.11A, Kebayoran Baru makes it easily accessible from all directions. Semi-rustic shades instantly felt once we step on our foot into this restaurant which is dominated with elegant wooden elements. Ranging from furniture, flooring and wall ornaments are all made ​​of wood, making it seem more homey. True to its name, Beezy Kaffee, do not be surprised if there are a lot of hexagonal-shaped ornaments that decorate almost every room. The hexagon resembles as a honeycomb. Equipped with fast wi-fi internet connection make this cafe a suitable location for a casual meeting for office workers or just hanging out with close friends and family. Additionally, Beezy Kaffee is also equipped with an outdoor area with comfortable sofas for those of us who want to relax while enjoying the Jakarta sky.

Beezy 1

Beezy 2

The menus served at Beezy Kaffee are mostly simple western meals, ranging from a wide selection of pastas, sandwiches, rice, snacks, and desserts. The variety of drinks served at Beezy was no less interesting. That night me and hubby ordered ….

Nachos (28k) – Corn tortilla, beef sauce, mozzarella cheese, and thousand islands.

The tortillas was great, but the beef sauce needs a bit more seasoning.

Beezy 3

Garlic Rice with Chicken Katsu (40k) – Garlic fried rice topped with chicken katsu wrapped in crepes.

I love love the garlic rice, it’s so tasty and the chicken pieces was quite huge.

Beezy 5

Rolled Chicken (35k) – Boneless chicken breast filled with mushroom, mushroom sauce, and potato wedges.

The mushroom sauce was great, perfectly seasoned and the chicken breast was cooked to perfection.

Beezy 4

Vanilla Iced Blended (33k) – fresh milk and vanilla powder & Pink Lychee (32k)

The Vanilla Iced Blended was nice, it almost resembles the one that sold at S**bux. The Pink Lychee was refreshing, my hubby liked it a lot.

Beezy 6

Overall, it was a pleasant experience to dine at Beezy Kaffee, we’ll definitely come back again.


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