Bebek Edan Cak Topa

For the crispy fried duck enthusiast aka begor (bebek goreng), it’s worth  to try Bebek Edan Cak Topa restaurant. The restaurant is located quite strategically in Jl. Cikajang with buildings painted green so it’s pretty easy to spot from the street. The room interior is decorated with a modern minimalist style, and backed up with a friendly service so that the customer will feel more pampered in their visit.

Bebek Edan Cak Topa 1
The duck menus offered are quite comprehensive, ranging from crispy fried duck, grilled duck in soy sauce, grilled duck in rujak sauce, green peppers sauteed duck, fried peking duck, duck fried rice, and many more menus variety. For those of you who do not like duck dishes, this restaurant also provides a menu of chicken and other menus that is certainly no less delicious.

That night, my hubby ordered each 1 portion of crispy fried duck set (33k) , crispy fried chicken (17k), white rice (7k). One set of crispy fried duck  consisted of fried duck (breast / thigh), rice, salad and homemade chilli sauce. The fried duck was quite tasty plus accompanied with the chilli sauce, delicious. But for a sauce freak like me, the homemade chilli sauce was not that spicy for my tastebud. The texture of the duck was so tender so it is quite easy to peel the duck meat layer by layer.

Bebek Edan Cak Topa 3

As for the drink we ordered Lychee Ice Tea (17k) and Lemonade (12k).

Bebek Edan Cak Topa 2

So overall, it is a pleasant visit to eat at Bebek Edan Cak Topa.

Restoran Bebek Edan Cak Topa
Jl. Cikajang no. 38
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Telepon: (021) 7047 3339, (021) 720 3988
Fax: (021) 720 3988


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