Shiok Restaurant

As usual, after picking up our daughter from school,  we’re planning to have lunch first before heading back home. We choose Shiok restaurant, since it has been a long time since our last visit. Shiok restaurant is located at the 2nd floor PIM 1, near the cineplex.

Shiok was famous for their hainanese chicken rice, so I order that for me, while papap order their Shiok special fried rice. In addition, we also ordered fried wonton for the appetizer. The taste of their hainanese chicken rice is as good as I last remembered. The rice was so delicious and tasty…. The chicken was also juicy, complete with the chicken broth, condiments and sauces. It was value for money indeed. I could not say less about their fried rice, the rice was well cooked with the right amount of spices….with a sunny side egg on top of it, just perfect !!!

Overall, it’s worth the visit…

Shiok 1

Shiok 2

Shiok 3


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