Good food, Good Time at Kiyadon Sushi

Yesterday, me and my colleagues went to Kiyadon Sushi, Grand Indonesia to have lunch. Free lunch to be precise, since Eka was the one who paid for all of our food. Arigato Eka San 😀 Anyway…this is my second visit to Kiyadon Sushi, but the first Kiyadon Sushi that I’ve visited was the one at Pacific Place. The place looks elegant and luxurious, covered in modern atmosphere. The dim light creates a warm feeling. We’ve choosed to be seated on semi tatami table that kinda secluded yet cozy, but good enough for us to chat.

Like all Japanese restaurants, Kiyadon offers many varieties of Japanese foods like fusion sushi, sashimi, noodles, donburri, etc. We’re so famished at that time, so without further ado, we’ve ordered :

D.I.G. sushi roll to share (88k) – It’s a fusion sushi roll filled with kani (crabstick), topped with grilled salmon, and sprinkled with chicken floss and tobiko. Delicious…

Kiyadon Sushi 1

Ajoe ordered Kiya Udon (65k) – hot noodle soup with vegetable, sweet beancurd, prawn tempura, and egg cake. Ajoe said nothing special about this dish, she complaint that the soup wasn’t hot enough so it lack of the warmth feeling that she would’ve expected by eating it.

Kiyadon Sushi 2

I ordered Gyu Jinamame Don regular size (75k) – sautéed sliced beef with egg and caramelized onion pour on a bed of rice, served with miso soup and salad. The portion was huge and full of flavor, me likey.

Kiyadon Sushi 3

Eka ordered Spicy Udon (80k) – Japanese udon on hot spicy soup with minced chicken and mushroom, served with a side of prawn tempura. Eka said the udon wasn’t that spicy, just right, and tasty. Sorry no pic, forgot to take the picture.

Hendy ordered Yaki Udon – I don’t see him complaining, so maybe it’s good then ;p Sorry no pic, forgot to take the picture.

Overall, the food is ok but slightly pricey. However, we love to come back again some other time 😀

Kiyadon BI
Kiyadon Sushi
Grand Indonesia 3A Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 23580523


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