Flapjacks Pancake House

Flapjacks has been our main culinary destination at Bali. I have done some browsing looking for famous and delicious restaurants to go to while we were on vacation in Bali. Flapjacks located strategically at Kartika Plaza street, not far away from Bubba Gump restaurant. The place offers various kinds of pancakes/waffles/crepes, pasta, and home made gelatos. The way they decorated the place and the menu, it kinda reminded me to one specific restaurant back in Jakarta that also offers pancakes/waffle/crepes as their specialties. Just look at their menu design, ring a bell people???

We’ve ordered several dishes that night …

Pan Fried Chicken (58k) – grilled chicken breast topped with creamy mushroom cheese sauce, served with fried wedges and stir fry butter veggies. This dishes was superb, the chicken was perfectly cooked and the sauce was delicious.

Spaghetti Bolognaise (52k) – meaty tomato sauce poured on a bed of spaghetti, served with a slice of garlic bread on the side. Since we’ve ordered the dish for my daughter, so we asked the sauce to be separated from the pasta to avoid my daughter’s reluctance to eat it. The dish taste good.

Blueberry & Cheese Double Pancake (47k) – two stacked pancakes served with a scoop of ice cream of your choice, poured with blueberry and cheese sauce plus sprinkles of crushed peanuts on top. The pancakes was very soft however it lacks of savoury and fragrant taste that we usually found in this kind of dishes. To me, it needs a bit of butter for the pancakes dough. The sauces tastes fine, but the peanuts sprinkles just did not work, I don’t understand why they would put that on top of the pancakes anyway. Is it maybe because pancakes kinda resemble with martabak?? LOL 🙂

As for the drinks, we’ve ordered orange juice (25k) and ice lemon tea (22k). Sorry no pics though …

Overall, we really like eating here at Flapjacks, and sure will visit here again if we ever come to Bali again.

House of Pancakes and Home-made Gelato
Jl. Kartika Plaza
Kuta Bali
ph. +62(361) 765 100


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