Army Themed Bday Party

It’s my nephew, Diffo, 1st birthday party….. yeaayyy….and it’s army party.

SMS invitation:

Hi everybody..I’m turning 1..please come n celebrate this glorious moment on xxxx at xxx Army Base. The theme of the party os “Baby Army Look”…so prepare your gear for some dessert battle n water war… Peace!!!!

Sayang waktu itu Dongga lupa bawa kamera, jadinya motonya seadanya deh pake BB dan gw ga canggih pula ngambil angle2-nya *sigh*. Padahal penampakan rumahnya kece berat loohh….kakak gw bener2 niat dekor rumahnya dengan segala hal yang berbau army, thumbs up.

Meja Makannya….menu: beef lasagna, macaroni schotel, beef taco, brocollil stir fry, fried sausage, fries, potato schotel, and fruit punch

beverages and snacks


ruang tamu yang disulap jadi playground

activity corner


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