The Baked Goods

Finally I’ve accomplished to spare my time to come to the cake shop owned by the famous radio broadcaster and master in public speaking, Erwin Parengkuan. The Baked Goods established on the basis of his wife’s expertise, Jana, in making delectable cakes and cookies. All cookies, cakes, and desserts are made using the finest natural ingredients, with no preservatives, no extracts, no food coloring, and less sweet than normal desserts sold elsewhere. The spirit is trying to offer healthy sweet snacks and won’t make you fat at the same time. However, The Baked Goods serves not only sweets, but there are some savories snacks too such as pies, quiches, and pancakes.

Several variants of cakes and cookies that were made at this shop are Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, Dark Chocolate with Cashew Cookies, Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies and Cake, Crazy Dark Chocolate, and many others. In addition, The Baked Goods also serves Czech distinctive cakes such as Bublanina and Walnut Cream Shell. His wife, Jana, is said to have the blood of Czech descent from her grandmother.

That afternoon, I decided to try two of their special cake which is:

1 slice of Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (22k) – the cake texture were so delicate, the sweetness were just right blended perfectly with the savory taste from the cream cheese frosting. Just the way I like it!

1 slice of Bublanina (20,5k) – Czech distinctive cake that comes with fresh strawberries and sprinkles of crumble on top. The eating sensation being offered is a mixture of sour and sweet, so that every bite of it tasted so refreshing. The name ‘Bublanina’ comes from the Czech word for bubble and might refer to the fact that the cake batter bubbles up around the fruit, almost enveloping it.

As a companion, The Baked Goods also offer a variety of beverages ranging from hot chocolate, coffee, and fresh juices.

The Baked Goods

Jl.Agus Salim no.16, Sabang, Menteng


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