Dapur Palembang

Out of the blue, suddenly I’m craving to eat pempek. I remembered there is a typical restaurant in Cikajang that specialized in Palembang cuisines. ‘Dapur Palembang’ serves a variety of Palembang cuisines, including the well known Pempek. However, the restaurant also championed some typical food such as Sup Pindang Ikan Patin, Brengkes Belida, Daging Malbi, Celimpungan, Laksan, Mie Celor, Model, Tekwan, Rujak Mie, etc. Assorted Palembang sweet cakes such as maksuba and srikaya are also available in this restaurant. When we arrived, the restaurant was still empty, but rumour said that the restaurant was usually packed during lunch hour by office workers around the area.

That night we ordered …
Assorted regular Pempek (26K) – consists of 5 pieces of pempek (adaan, lenjer, telor, pistel, and keriting). Regular means the pempek made of tenggiri fish. But if we choose ‘special’ means that the pempek made of belida fish (34k). Nice…

Mie celor (17.5 k) – thick yellow egg noodles drowned in gravy made of shrimp stock and light coconut milk. On top of it, the dish were sprinkled with bean sprouts, chopped shrimp, and half sliced boiled eggs. It was extremely delicious…the broth was tasty, the composition of shrimp broth and the coconut milk were in a right fit.

Dapur Palembang

Jl. Cikajang no. 13
Kebayoran Baru
Tel. 720 3409


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