Cafe 5th Avenue

5th Avenue Café located at Grand Indonesia Entertainment District, Fl.3A. The Café attract the crowd attention because it displays a small window containing various types of beef steaks at affordable prices. The size of the café is not too large, designed with the feel of a modern city of New York. Walls are dominated by red and black colors and decorative lighting gives the impression of a romantic classic. The restaurant decor reminiscent of retro American diner in the era of the 1950s complete with ornate art deco paintings and photographs that give the feel of old school western accent.

That day was my dad’s birthday dinner, so the whole big family were there including all of my nephews. Imagining the teeny meeny children gathered in the same place, made me realize that I may have problems taking pictures of the food in peace, siiiggghhh….

5th Avenue Café offers a wide variety of Western cuisine, especially the European flavor. Among of all the food we have ordered, these are partly the appearance (did not manage to capture all the food we ordered) :

Nachos (69k) – comes with generous portion, although a bit lack on the chili beans, but it taste good though.

Pizza Margherita (59k) – A huge thinly 8 slices pizza with lots of cheese, yummy. No complaint here!!!

Wagyu Burger (99k) – This in one huge burger…my niece seem satisfied with her order and finished it with a smiley face 🙂 Btw, those were her hands….xixixi

Tenderloin steak with pepper sauce (139k) – The beef were tender,juicy, and succulent… love it. mashed potatoes was also creamy and the corn on the cob was sweet, nice.

Beef Fajitas (99k) – The fajitas comes with 3 pieces of wrap, slices of tenderloin beef, and 6 varieties of condiments (grated cheese, sour cream, jalapeno, lettuce, tomato salsa, and guacamole). I didn’t taste it, but my father said it was delicious just having a bit problem making the wrap, LOL. Again….failed to take picture of the whole set of fajitas, but you can see the wrap at the upper right corner of the pic.

Tiramisu (49k) – The Tiramisu was served in a tea cup with choco caramel crisp as garnish. I tasted a bit, and ended up as the one who finished it, fyi… it was my brother’s order ;p

Strawberry Cheese Cake (49k) – The cheese cake was served with one scoop of ice cream, we chose vanilla. The cheese cake was nice, the strawberry blended very well into the cake and we can still taste the strawberry chunks while eating it.

Warm Chocolate Cake (49k) – I truly truly recommend this. It was so yummy, the chocolate inside the cake melted as you spoon it out. The ice cream on the side adds the richness of the cake creating a blissful sensation in your mouth, sluuurppp…

Lychee Ice Tea (29k) and Strawberry Shake (35k)

Overall…it was a satisfying experience eating at 5th Avenue Cafe, surely will plan to take another visit here. Thumbs up !!!

Cafe 5th Avenue

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Lt. 3A Unit ED 1-5 A West Mall, Jl. MH. Thamrin No.1



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