Kwetiaw Sapi A Ciap – Cikajang

Kwetiaw Sapi A Ciap has been long famous since its first branch opened in Mangga Besar. Dozens of reviews said customers were satisfied with their cooking. Pouring rain in Jakarta these days made us craving for hot soup dish.

A Ciap restaurant which located in Cikajang is a house that was transformed into a restaurant. So don’t be surprised when you walked into the restaurant, you will find lots of room and spaces, complete with some house interior such as display cabinet and wall paintings. All of that made the atmosphere feels warm and homey.

That night, I and hubby ordered “Bakmi Kuah Sapi” (28k) with warm hot tea (4k) as the drinks. One plate of noodle comes with lots and lots of beef slices and mustard greens. Steaming hot soup and the fragrant that comes from it made us cannot wait any longer to dig in.

Maaaakkkkknyooooossss…………….so delicious and tasty!!! The noodle textures were delicate, the soup was savory, and the beef were so tender. The broth was so beefy, can‘t say no more…this was the tastiest broth I’ve ever tasted. Fully recommended.


One thought on “Kwetiaw Sapi A Ciap – Cikajang

  1. ini kesukaanku dan suami.. dulu jaman ngekos di setiabudi sering makan yg ke arah ITC kuningan itu.. kwetiawnya + banyak bawang putih 😀 😀 + acar cabe.. kraukk

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