It is not just chicken, It’s BonChon Chicken

Entering Grand Indonesia with hungry stomach, I instantly visited the first restaurant that caught my eye, BonChon Chicken. One of the waiter were offering free sample of their chicken just outside their outlet. BonChon is a South Korean fried chicken brand that has opened several branch in Dubai, Singapore, US, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. Currently, they have two outlets here in Jakarta, in Grand Indonesia and Living World – Alam Sutera. The look of their outlet has an urban feel and dominated with wood panel and sketch of the city on the wall. The restaurant is designed by adopting fast food restaurant mechanism, although we still have to wait for several minutes for the meal to be ready. The menus offered were ranging from BonChon chicken, BonChon fish, Bulgogi, and Mochi.

BonChon use frying technique that claims to be different from other chicken restaurant, so it would create a juicy and tender chicken meat with crispy, crunchy skin and almost transparent crust. The chicken will be coated with your chosen of sauce: original (salty sweet soy garlic sauce) or spicy. That afternoon, I chose their chicken meal menu which consist the choice of chicken accompanied with rice and drink. We can choose from chicken wings, thigh, drumstick, and strips…and I chose drumstick (in this meal, I got 2 drumsticks, yeaaayy) coated in spicy sauce (29,5k).

For me, the spicy sauce were mild, you won’t be sweating by eating the chicken 🙂 The skin was crunchy, although not as crunchy as other chicken fast food joint out there because BonChon use special sauce to coat the chicken so the chicken will be a bit damp. The chicken was perfectly cooked and the meat was tender and juicy. Although unfortunately, once I ate the chicken meat I can’t taste that special sauce which I’ve tasted when I ate the skin. It seems the sauce has not penetrated to the meat thoroughly. So the meat tasted a bit bland.

I spotted some of the customer were ordering Mochi Ice Cream, some short of mochis with vanilla ice cream filling (10k). It looks nice, maybe next time I’ll try to order some of that.

BonChon Chicken
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Sky bridge 5th Floor
Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 1. Jakarta 10310



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