The Plus-ses of Having a Daughter

By posting this, I didn’t mean that I like my daughter more than I like my son. Son or daughter…both are a gift from God and should be treated as such. Besides lots and lots of shopping options, ranging from pretty dresses, cute legging/jegging, adorable shoes, make up, accessories, etc, the thing I love of having a daughter (besides shopping together ofkors) is that you can go to the beauty salon and do your treatment there together. Since my 3 years old daughter now has become more aware of her surroundings, and pretty much know the routine of wearing makeup (too much seeing her mom dress up), I’ve decided to take her along to the beauty salon on Christmas day. Usually hubby was the one who always accompanied me each time I went to the beauty salon to do my treatment.

As usual, I chose my routine treatment which are hair spa creambath, manicure, pedicure, and eyebrow shaping. As for Tisya, I chose her to do strawberry creambath. At first, Tisya looks a bit reluctant but didn’t refuse when the hair stylist (kapster) started to massage her head with creambath cream. She quite enjoy it actually 🙂 Yeaayyyy……this is what I called girl to girl bonding….hihihi….Btw, she decided to do her nails as well….


One thought on “The Plus-ses of Having a Daughter

  1. same as my niece… mulai rempong dengan lipstik, kutex, dan yang terbaru soal rambut.. kayaknya ini tipikal anak yang lahir thn 2008 🙂 hihih mencari pembenaran

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