Two weeks ago I had a lunch date with some of my girlfriends at a Vietnamese restaurant called Vietopia – Cikini. The looks of the restaurant from the outside can be somewhat deceiving. If you don’t look carefully, you would probably missed the place since they don’t have a big signage in front of their restaurant. As we stepped into the restaurant, instantly we felt the cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant was nicely designed with minimalist concept and was dominated with white color. The architecture looks kinda old but reminds us back to French Colonial era.

Let’s continue on with the food….as starter we’ve ordered Cha Gio (22k), fried spring rolls filled with minced chicken. A portion of Cha Gio consist of four spring rolls and hot and sour sauce as dipping sauce. The rolls was good, crunchy on the outside and tasty in the inside.

Two of my friends ordered the restaurant most popular menu, which is Pho Bo (37k), beef noodle soup served with Australian sliced beef, brisket, Vietnam basil, coriander leaves, onions, and scallion. The soup consist of marrow broth, bone, brisket, and some secret spices. It was very delicious and fresh, makes you want to eat the Pho and lick the bowl until there’s nothing left.

As for me, I ordered Bun Bo Xao (39k), a traditional Vietnamese servings with grilled NZ beef and vermicelli mixed with lettuce, onion, garlic, peanuts, and nuoc mam. Everytime I visited a Vietnamese restaurant, I always ordered this kind of food, it’s my favourite. The food looks like a vermicelli salad accompanied with some vinegar dressing called Nuoc mam. Nuoc mam is a combination of vinegar, fish oil, sugar, and chilli.

Accompanied our meal, Ice Lemon Grass Tea (12k) is served. This beverage is popular with the names ‘sereh’. It is mixed with honey, lemon and also water. It is very refreshing, particularly in hot weather. To make this drink more beautiful, they’ve added lemon grass stem into it.

One thing for sure, this restaurant do served generous portion, really worth the price.

Jl. Cikini Raya No.33
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Tel: (62-21) 391 5893


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