Sopra Ristorante Italiano

Yesterday, hubby and I were celebrating our 4th anniversary (yeaayyy). We usually celebrate our anniversary just by having dinner and watch a movie at Cineplex. But for this year, we weren’t in the mood to watch a movie so we decided to skip it.

We have planned to have dinner at Sopra. Sopra is an Italian restaurant that serves Italian cuisine ranging from pasta, risotto, various kind of thin crust pizza, and some meat-seafood entrees.  Sopra restaurant located at Pacific Place 1st level. The restaurant is quite spacious and nicely decorated in dark wood color and some rough bricks interior for the wall. The ambiance creates a high scale fine dining atmosphere.

Both the drinks and the food menu are really extensive with selection, it took us some time to decide what to order.

Finally, we ordered mocktails for the drinks, The Sopra (39k) for hubby and The Pacific (39k) for me.

As for the food, we came up with Margherita Pizza (69k – classic original size 14”), a thin crust pizza topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and olive oil. The thickness of the pizza is just right, not too thin and not too thick. We were satisfied with the pizza since it was freakin’ delicious and very generous with the mozzarella.

Aside from the pizza, we’ve also ordered Scaloppine di Pollo alla Pizzaiola (129k), a chicken escalopes covered with mozzarella, capers, and tomato sauce. It was delicious, the chicken was perfectly cooked, so tender and it didn’t taste dry at all, thumbs up. The chicken was blended well with the sauce, and what I love so much is the capers. The sour taste of the capers mixed well with the tomato sauce creating an acidic sensation in your mouth, mama mia…

By the way, while waiting for the main course being cooked, we’ve been served with a bread basket consisting of 3 different kind of bread (each kind consist of 2 bread) and some bread sticks with a side of butter, olive oil, and vinegar as the spreads/dips.

Overall, we really enjoyed the delicious foods and the pleasant service here. It is a totally recommended restaurant to visit. Too bad we didn’t have the chance to try the desserts since our tummy were so full. Maybe next time then.

One Pacific Place Level 1 Unit 1 22
SCBD. Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53
Jakarta 12910 Indonesia

p. +62 21 51400557
f. +62 21 514 02708


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