A message for my husband, my soul mate, my best friend

Dear hubby,
Time has passed in our lives, the seconds continue to wandered
We’ve experienced a lot of things together

I paused and think all of the memories that we have made
The good and the bad times we have shared
The love between us continue to grow

You are not only my husband, you’re my best friend and my soul mate
For me, you are a blessing from above, my blessing…
One that I do not want to take for granted

And today …
We’ve been together for four wonderful years
Through every joy and sorrow … raising hope, achieving goals

For in you I have found an ally
In you I have a protector, in your arms is the safest place I can be
In you I have a friend – an honest, caring, loving, and faithful friend
Someone whom I can trust, be myself with and someone in whom I can depend
In you I have a lover who with every touch makes my body shiver, and with every kiss brings my knees to shake and quiver

My husband
Thank you for everything
For the time that you’ve giving me

For your patience when confronting me
For the shoulders that are always ready whenever needed
For the hands that always outstretched in helping me
For the eyes that always looking out after me
And the words that always comfort me whenever I’m in a such gloomy mood

I thank you for all the things that you have done for me and the kids
Not only you’re a wonderful husband, you’re also a terrific father, provider, and caregiver
It’s your abundant love that keeps me sane
Your smile reassures me that everything will always be alright
Your arms embrace me and at that moment there is no place I’d rather be

I’m sorry …
Who seems to always troubled you
Who always complain and easily despair

All the tears that I may have caused you
The mouth that always demanding and complaining
For all of my fault which can make you angry and dissapointed

And I promise …
As I said 4 years ago
I will love and honor you
Both in good times and in bad , in sickness and in health
For richer for poorer
Forever …

I love you Pap … more than words, more than life. You have made me a better person by loving me for who I am. I’m forever grateful for your love and proud to be your wife.

Happy 4th Anniversary pap…

And just like Bruno Mars said, ”…you’re amazing just the way you are..”

forever love

our two bundles of joy


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